30-Day Pro Wrestling Challenge

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, so I came across this nice little challenge thanks to my good friend Kirk, and I decided maybe I’d try it out for myself. What kind of challenge, you ask? Why, none other than the 30-Day Pro Wrestling Challenge!

Day One – Favorite Wrestling Growing Up
Day Two – Favorite Female Wrestler (Current)
Day Three – Favorite Male Wrestler (Current)
Day Four – Favorite Theme Music
Day Five – Favorite Promotion
Day Six – Favorite Tag Team
Day Seven – Favorite Stable
Day Eight – Favorite Storyline
Day Nine – Least Favorite Female Wrestler
Day Ten – Least Favorite Male Wrestler
Day Eleven – Favorite Manager/Valet
Day Twelve – Funniest Moment
Day Thirteen – Favorite Gimmick
Day Fourteen – Favorite Match
Day Fifteen – Favorite PPV or Show
Day Sixteen – Favorite Promo/Segment
Day Seventeen – Worst Era
Day Eighteen – Most Overrated Wrestler
Day Nineteen – Most Underrated Wrestler
Day Twenty – Favorite Wrestling Move
Day Twenty-One – Favorite Gimmick Match
Day Twenty-Two – Favorite Era in Wrestling
Day Twenty-Three – Most Improved Wrestler
Day Twenty-Four – Most Shocking Moment
Day Twenty-Five – Favorite Commentator or Announcer
Day Twenty-Six – What a Waste
Day Twenty-Seven – A Wrestler You Want to See More of
Day Twenty-Eight – Favorite Rivalry
Day Twenty-Nine – Dream Match
Day Thirty – Favorite Memory


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